Greater Lincolnshire Hotel Investment Programme

After undertaking a Hotel Investment Study for Greater Lincolnshire in 2017, Hotel Solutions was retained to support Lincolnshire County Council and its partners during 2018 to implement the recommendations of the study and help deliver new hotels across Greater Lincolnshire.  The follow-up work has included liaising with Acquisitions Directions of some of the best known international hotel brands as well as regional operators and independents to secure their interest in key sites, and to help host visits to the county to view sites and to meet associated site owners, agents and developers on a one-to-one basis.  A targeted approach has been used to identify brands and offers that have best fit with the market potential identified in the 2017 study, and to match these to sites where they can have maximum destination benefit.  Lincoln has been a key initial focus for this work as there are multiple major development schemes underway and proposed where the delivery of a hotel incorporated into the scheme could help add to its vitality and viability.  Hotel Solutions has also been part of some of the Team Lincolnshire events in London which have provided an opportunity to secure the attendance of prospective hotel developers and brand owners and introduce them to prospective development partners from the county.  The retained contract has been renewed for 2019, and we look forward to continuing to support the LCC team in their pro-active work with the sector.