Herne Bay Hotel Assessment

Canterbury City Council has commissioned us to assess the potential for a hotel in Herne Bay. The resort was a popular holiday destination until the advent of foreign holidays in the 1960s, which resulted in a substantial decline in the numbers of people wanting to holiday in Herne Bay, and the closure of its hotels and guest houses for conversion into residential use. Canterbury City Council is currently progressing plans to regenerate the Herne Bay seafront and town centre and wishes to understand whether there is scope for a new hotel to be built as part of these plans. We will be consulting with the City Council and reviewing its development plans for the resort to assess what demand they might generate for hotel accommodation. We will also be talking to guest house and B&B owners; assessing potential hotel sites; and consulting with potential target hotel companies to assess whether they would be interested in opening a hotel in the resort and the type of deal that they would need to convince them to do so.