Horsham District Hotel & Visitor Accommodation Study

We have now completed the Hotel & Visitor Accommodation Study for Horsham District Council. The study shows a strong and growing market for hotel and visitor accommodation across Horsham District, with frequent shortages of hotel accommodation in Horsham Town during the week, and insufficient provision of all forms of visitor accommodation to meet weekend and summer demand across the District. Going forward it is clear that additional hotel and visitor accommodation provision is needed to fully service corporate demand in Horsham Town and enable companies to do business effectively here; to satisfy demand from people attending weddings and visiting friends and relatives at weekends: and to allow the District to fully capitalise on the potential for staying tourism growth, especially in terms of short break demand. While the market will deliver new supply, we have made a number of recommendations for Horsham District Council intervention to accelerate hotel and visitor accommodation development through a positive, flexible and enabling planning policy framework, and proactive interventions to raise awareness of the opportunities and provide business support and funding, including potentially direct investment in strategically important schemes that can give the Council a good investment return. The Council will now review the study to decide how best to act on its findings and recommendations as it moves forward with the development and implementation of the new Horsham Town Centre Vision, Destination Management Plan and Site Allocations DPD.